An Addiction Centre with the Care and Compassion that Counts

Addiction encompasses all aspects of a persons life and of their family members.  Whether it is alcohol, drugs or gambling – addiction can take life away. It changes an addict’s ability to function, to have healthy relationships, to work and to succeed in life. To be happy. An addiction affects physical and psychological health. And most of all – addiction disempowers. It takes away hope, confidence, strength and the ability to see life in a positive way. At Bushypark, our purpose is to help those with addiction ‘choose change’ and put power back into their hands. It’s about equipping people with the skills they need to make the changes they want to make, with confidence – achieving abstinent recovery from addiction in the long-term.


What We Do

Bushypark Addiction Treatment Centre provides a range of services for people addicted to alcohol, drugs (illicit and prescribed), gambling and other behavioural addictions. The 28 residential programme is provided within a beautifully located centre, 3 miles from Ennis town in county clare and set on a 17 acre parkland site. The programme is an abstinent programme based on a biopsychiosocial model of treatment.


Using the 12 step and other treatment models we provide a holistic approach to treatment. Our Community Based Services provide care both pre-treatment and post treatment in addition to an alternative for those who want an alternative to residential treatment.

We also provide a range of Family Support Services recognising the family member as a person needing support in their own right.

For further information on admission, costs, how to access our services, please see our FAQ’s.

The Bushypark Story

Watch the video to find out more about Bushypark.