Our Approach

We work in a holistic manner encompassing the bio-psychio social model of treatment

Addiction impacts on all aspects of a persons’ life from physical to mental and spiritual needs. We recognise addiction as a disease and we therefore promote that abstinence is the key element of the recovery programme.  We use the 12 step programme as part of this work as well as being trauma informed to improve the quality of life of the addicted person.

“Recovery is a process that needs intervention and support in a safe and non-judgemental setting. Treatment is never just about addressing the behaviour of addiction, rather we work to understand the underlying issues that may be contributing to addiction. We take a bio-psycho-social approach and work with our residents in an holistic way – focusing on the wellness of the mind, body and spirit.”

Margaret Nash, Bushypark Manager


Our programme combines group and individual counselling sessions using a wide range of therapeutic models and interventions.

How You Benefit

Those who have completed the Bushypark Treatment Programme unlock so many positive benefits and changes:

  • The skills and tools needed to manage addiction, along with important coping strategies and mechanisms.
  • The peace of mind that they are moving forward with hope and direction.
  • A new, strong, sense of self and healed self-esteem.
  • Restored confidence in life.
  • A better relationship with the self, and healthy relationships with others.
  • A new spirit of openness and honesty where addiction is no longer hidden.
  • An important financial benefit which brings valuable new freedom.
  • A new ability to meet life head-on without going back to old habits.
  • A breaking-down of the isolation addiction brings – through peer support, healing old relationships and building new ones.

Always Individual

Each client is provided with a case manager following their admission to the programme. We limit our Residential Treatment Programme to 13 participants, allowing for a 3:1 ratio of qualified counsellors to residents and ensuring that each resident is given a tailor-made individual treatment plan by their case manager.

Our Services


Phone/Email Support Service

If you are your loved one are looking for help, please contact us in confidence.

By phone at 065 684 0944 by email bushyparkhouse@clarecare.ie

Whether you think a family member or loved one may be struggling with addiction, or you yourself might need assistance – our Phone/Email Support Service is your starting point. This is a free and confidential service and gives you direct access to a trained and experienced professional who will listen to your concerns, and support you through the next step to take in dealing with the issues of addiction. As a follow up we encourage a person to attend for assessment with a family member.



We provide an assessment service where you and a concerned person will meet an addiction counsellor to help you gain an insight into your addiction, to understand options available to you in relation to detox, treatment, family support and other issues.


28-Day Residential Treatment Programme

This programme is 28 days and is the main area of our work, incorporating group therapy, individual counselling, educational lectures, meditation, art, fellowship meetings and yoga. There is a ratio of 3:1 for client-counsellor work so client care is key to our programme.

It’s about developing new skills and strategies that sustain long term recovery and sobriety.”

– Gerry Murphy, Bushypark Treatment Manager.

Once you or a loved one has made a decision to commit to our 28 day programme, you will be welcomed and admitted to the centre where a dedicated team of professionals will manage your care and recovery process.




At the heart of the residential programme is a structured daily schedule, comprising all the elements required for a holistic approach to treatment:


    • Individual Counselling
    • Although our programme revolves around Group Therapy (twice daily) there will be opportunities to meet one to one with your individual case manager & review your treatment.
    • Group Therapy
    • Group Therapy provides a perfect setting for elements to interact and exchange views and experiences and although no two people have the same story, group helps clients identify with each other and find common ground for change. The process of group therapy can offer clients huge insight. That leads to opportunities for growth and permanent change in the lives of individuals with addictive tendencies.
    • Lectures, Education and Workshops
    • Through interactive lectures and themed workshops our residents learn much about their addiction process and (do’s and don’t) what is needed to overcome their sometimes misconceived notions and ideas about their relationship with substances and behaviors that impact hugely on themselves and others around them.
    • Gender Groups
    • Male- and female-only groups help residents relax and feel able to discuss their issues with others, more comfortably. And throughout all group work, the emphasis is always on acceptance, warmth and a non-judgemental attitude.
    • Daily Meditation and Reflections
    • Residents are given time to sit and experience guided meditations or mindfulness techniques to support their passage through treatment and to facilitate clients to develop their own daily practice in recovery. Quiet time is valuable time and meditation is the opposite to addiction, looking inwards rather than externally for solas.
    • Creative Therapy
    • We offer a variety of creative therapies  from sand therapy to art therapy to yoga and mindfulness. All our aids to integrating the recovery work in the centre and offer residents alternatives to talk therapies.
    • Therapeutic Duties
    • To help rebuild pride and self-esteem, residents take on duties within the house and co-operate in cleaning and maintaining the house as their home for the duration of treatment, taking ownership, shared and personal responsibility.

Family Programme (Residential and Non Residential)

We recognise that addiction impacts the whole family unit. We therefore have a number of supports available – free weekly family support programme, one to one family sessions and referrals to other services. Call us or further information and guidance on our family services.

Addiction never simply effects those who have the addiction, it is always a family matter. We work hard to include and support family members of residents before, during and after their loved ones treatment is completed.

Each Wednesday is Family Day at the Centre and support for residents and nominated family or significant others is offered by way of introductions. Family conferences and combined group work. Together we build a picture for the residents that represent that represents the reality of their situation. This work is done with care, compassion and understanding for all involved and confidentiality and safety are paramount to this process. We provide a separate space for family members and significant others on Wednesday afternoons.


Continuing Care

This is key for clients and family members as an ongoing support for 2 years after treatment. We recognise that clients feel vulnerable and are making a lot of lifestyle changes during this period so attendance at weekly support groups is vital to attain and sustain recovery.

“Bushypark is about change in the long-term
and treatment for life.”

-Margaret Nash, Bushypark Manager





  • We provide a two-year aftercare programme for all residents who complete treatment. This is run on a nationwide basis, so each person can access a peer support group that is convenient for them – along with family members if they wish. Trained facilitators run the groups, at which aftercare plans are worked through and any issues that may arise, are addressed. These sessions are an important way to remind residents of the goals to which they committed during treatment, while attendees benefit from the encouragement and support of others in the group – as well as from the facilitators, many of whom have experience of addiction in their own lives.
  • Always in Contact
  • Throughout the full two-year period – support is always on hand. Each person who has completed treatment meets their Case Manager for a 1-month and 2-month review. The Case Manager is also available for phone contact phone.

At Bushypark we train and supervise our own facilitators. A dedicated Continuing Care Co-ordinator assesses each facilitator, and workshops and training sessions are provided for ongoing learning.


Community Based Treatment

Not all persons want to attend residential treatment but don’t worry we also provide community based treatment on a weekly basis in various locations in the mid-west region. This is open to both clients and family members impacted by addiction and is a free service.

Local meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, Gambler’s Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are held weekly at the Centre. These are attended by residents who are part of our 28-day programme, as well as non-residents who join from local communities.These meetings are vital in residents in treatment, while those who have completed their treatment find attending the groups provides important after-care support.


The Polydrugs Programme

This is a funded programme supporting both clients and family members to access free group and individual sessions within the Mid-West Region. The project runs 2 groups for clients and 2 separate groups for family members in addition to some 1:1 sessions, call for further details. Call for further details.