Whether you are considering our treatment for yourself, or you are a concerned family member - it’s natural to have lots of questions about the services we provide and what to expect. Here is some information that may help…

If the person you are worried about doesn’t seem to think they have a problem, call us and speak to one of our counsellors. They will advise and support you through the steps. This is a free and confidential service and all counsellors are experienced, sensitive and supportive. We will also present options of both residential and community based services available to support the person impacted by addiction.

Anyone over 18 who is concerned about their own or somebody else’s alcohol, drug (legal and illegal) or gambling use, is welcome to call us at the Centre for assistance. We cannot admit those under the age of 18, but can assist in making referrals where necessary

Bushypark recognises dual diagnosis and is aware of the needs of clients presenting on prescribed medications. However, we currently do not have the facility of an onsite clinical psychiatrist.  Each case is assessed individually by an addiction counsellor.   Decisions are made in conjunction with the client and the family member where relevant.
The client may need to provide relevant information from a clinical psychiatrist before they are admitted, to make sure they are able to actively engage in the programme.

Residents who are medication for health-related issues – such as a heart condition or asthma – may continue use of their medication. All clients being admitted have an accompanying letter from their GP so these health related issues and medications are advised to the centre in advance.

The cost of the programme changes from time to time. Please phone us for an updated cost. The cost is discussed with the client at the assessment and we explore what funding options may be available to you. A fee of €60 is charged for the Assessment.
The Bushypark Treatment Programme is approved by VHI, LAYA and Aviva Health Care for full treatment costs, depending on your individual level of cover with the relevant Insurance company. This can be checked by Bushypark staff at the Assessment or in advance if preferred. We bill the Insurance Companies directly.
Wherever possible, we attempt to access funding grants/supports for those seeking treatment. We also work with a number of employers and companies, putting Employer Deduction Packages in place. We are happy to except credit and debit cards.

We are here to help – no matter what. Relapse is not seen as a sign of failure but rather another step along the journey to wellness. Please call us and we will assist you or your family member overcome relapse issues and get back on to the recovery programme without having to be readmitted for residential treatment. We run weekly recovery groups call the centre for additional information and support

Residents who are medication for health-related issues – such as a heart condition or asthma – may obviously continue use of their medication.

We believe addiction affects the entire family, so encourage family members and concerned friends to be a part of the recovery process, at every stage. Family members, spouse and partners are included at every stage the initial assessment, admission, weekly Family Days during the 28-day treatment programme, and throughout the two years of Continuing Care. Families are encouraged to attend Bushypark Family Support programmes and other services in their locality for ongoing support. Families are encouraged to call and access support in their own right.

Our Treatment Programme helps each resident and their family members to make positive changes in their lives, through a structured 28 day programme. Residents learn how to re-establish a routine back in their lives and to break the chaotic cycle that exists around addiction – for both the person with addiction and family members/concerned persons.

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To ensure a counsellor is available to meet you, and to protect the anonymity of our residents, we ask that you please call us to make an appointment. 065-6840944

No, Bushypark is a counselling and therapeutic centre. Any medical needs a resident may have must be met by their own GP or health professional.

We do not have detox facilities in the centre, but can advise on and make referrals to a specific GP or a Clinical Psychiatrist. We also make referrals to community and residential detox programmes.

This can vary from time to time – so please call the centre to check on availability for the time period that suits you or your family member.

You just need to call us on 065 684 0944 or email us at bushyparkhouse@clarecare.ie and we will start the process of support by setting up an Assessment session. At this session, an Addiction Counsellor will fully assess the extent of the alcohol, drug or gambling addiction. You must bring a family member or friend with you to the assessment so they can share all information given and provide support too you.

All clinical staff are trained and meet the highest standards in the provision of addiction treatment and counselling services at Bushypark Treatment Centre. You will be assigned a case manager who will oversee your treatment and support your family during and post treatment.

That is not an issue, as we provide free community based treatment. For further information please see our Community Based Treatment section.
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