Our Facilities

We are located on 17 acres of parkland 3 miles outside Ennis in a beautiful, calm, therapeutic and natural environment. The grounds and quiet country life, including walkways provide us with the perfect setting to provide therapeutic interventions in a serene environment.


Our bedrooms are comfortable, warm and well appointed thus providing the environment in which people can rest and relax while dealing with their addiction.

Woodland Beauty

All residents are able to enjoy quiet time and walk in our beautiful woodland, and follow our 1km wood walk which runs by a stream behind the house. It’s a perfect way to meditate, share the company of others or simply enjoy some time to reflect and be at peace.

Space to Relax

Bushypark provide facilities for residents to relax and to learn to slow down and to feel at home with us during their stay. We have TV room and relaxation areas so people can feel at home with us during their stay. We also provide materials and resources to enable clients to manage free time and to engage with other clients.


This old renovated building provides the perfect setting located in the woods to do some reflective work and to do some deep counselling work.

Outdoor Facilities

We have ample outdoor spaces where there are dedicated areas for football, basketball, table tennis and other activities including woodland walks. We recognise the importance of exercise and physical health as part of the programme so we encourage and facilitate this where possible.

Meeting Room

We provide a space for fellowship meetings of AA, NA, GA who meet weekly in this room at Bushypark. This supports clients in the centre to attend meetings while undergoing the treatment programme at Bushypark and to create links with fellowship groups that will support their recovery post treatment.

Family Centre

This building located on the grounds supports many ancillary actions including weekly family support conferences, family support groups each Wednesday and weekly gender groups.

Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition are key elements of the treatment programme at Bushypark. We provide a very varied menu daily that is both nutritionally and emotionally satisfying and to encourage the enjoyment of food and social aspects of meal times. Home baking and good balanced non institutional meals are a key element of the Bushypark day. Helping clients to understand the link between healthy bodies and healthy minds is a key element of their recovery programmes.