Alcohol Addiction

What is it?
Alcohol is the number one drug of choice in Ireland. It is estimated that one in 10 people is alcoholic – with this having a direct negative effect on at least 5 other people. Based on the figures in the Health Research Board’s National Alcohol Diary Survey, more than 150,000 Irish people are dependent drinkers, more than a 1.35 million are harmful drinkers, and 30% of people interviewed say that they experienced some form of harm as a result of their own drinking.


Alcohol abuse acts as a gateway for other drug use and ultimately to addiction.

Used long term alcohol can cause liver damage, heart disease and other health problems – while physical dependency will ultimately develop. Even in the early stages, alcoholism has a serious impact on a person’s confidence and ability to achieve goals in life, and can affect relationships at every level.

Do I have a problem?
Answering these questions might help…

  • Is there unhappiness at home life due to your drinking?
  • Do you neglect your family or your relationships because of drink?
  • Do you drink to give yourself confidence in your relationships?
  • Are people remarking on the amount you are drinking?
  • Do you drink to escape worries or difficulties?
  • Have you missed time at work because of your drinking?
  • Is your efficiency at work affected by your drinking?
  • Do you sometimes feel remorseful after drinking?
  • Are your finances in difficulty because of your drinking?
  • Do you ever have to go for a ‘cure’ ?
  • Does your drinking affect your ability to have a good night’s sleep?
  • Do you avoid conversations concerning the affect of drinking on your health?
  • Do you suffer from memory loss as a result of your drinking?
  • Has your doctor ever treated you for the effects of your drinking?

If you answered ‘yes’ to 5 of these questions or your answers concern you, please contact us in confidence at 065 684 0944 or by e-mail at We will guide and support you in making positive changes to your life. For further details visit and